Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Garden Inspiration

On Friday I went to a local Garden Day, and toured 8 gardens. Lately I've been looking out for inspiration wherever I go, thinking of our garden and what to plant where. The gardens on this tour were not particularly spectacular, but I did like the hedges of this one, so neat and classic.

Some of the best inspiration came from peeking through gates at gardens 
or parts of gardens NOT on show:

This suburb certainly is a lovely part of the world.
I went with my parents and aunt, and we also enjoyed the side entertainment - the microcars and cabin scooters (too cute) ...

the pipe and drum band playing Scottish tunes (and Waltzing Matilda),

and stalls full of beautiful things that we managed to resist. Although I did buy a few plants.
All in all, an enjoyable day out, despite some rain and a necessary dash into the lunch tent at one point.

On the way home I stopped at the op shop and bought some more garden design books,
I have quite the collection now, to read during afternoon teas.  Some of them are about 20 years old now, but I find I'm liking those styles better than some of the modern garden designs, (which seem to be all native grasses and outdoor kitchens and water features). I'm looking forward to planting out one corner of our front garden, where we've dug out about a million fishbone ferns*. It will take a few weeks to get it completely cleared and a stump ground out, so I've got some time to dream and plan and mark out before I head to the nursery.

*While at the Garden Day I discovered a stall telling me that actually quite a few plants well-known to our garden are noxious or environmental weeds, including these ferns. Hmm, more work to do.

Garden photos taken on my phone, some are also Instagram pics.

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