Sunday, May 3, 2015

Beach afternoon

One of the reasons we went back to Forster again this April was the beaches.
So many beautiful beaches, and a few extra degrees of warmth than in Sydney.
Once again, we were oh so fortunate with the weather.

Elizabeth Beach at Pacific Palms is one of our favourites. After a slow Sunday morning (but one which included a morning walk for me), we headed there after lunch. Later than we intended, but in time to get in some swimming before the early evening set in.

I usually have a bit of a paddle, and then get out and read.
This day I was reading One.Life by Scot McKnight, a great read.
This holiday I discovered that I love running on beaches, at the water's edge.
Over the week I increased my distance. Loved it.
Laura thinks beaches were created solely for her to practice her gymnastics, it seems.

After the beach it was home in time for the sunset (a bit disappointing that day, clouds had come up while we were at the beach) and more reading, videos and lazing around. This year we girls watched Wives & Daughters. (Last year was North & South, I guess we just like a bit of Gaskell with our sand and surf)

So endeth the second day.

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