Saturday, May 2, 2015


As the rain buckets down here in Sydney, I am enjoying looking at the photos I took three weeks ago this evening, at Green Point by Lake Wallis. We had a wonderfully relaxing week, with lots of reading, walking, thinking, beaches, shopping and watching videos. 

It was a week of summery weather after a chilly week at home. We arrived home in time for plenty of rain and some big storms, and it's still raining on and off, two weeks later. Life has been busy, I'm so glad we were able to take a week to relax.  Just looking at the photos helps me to slow down a little, and remember what I was reading and learning, and how much I was enjoying exercising and eating healthy foods, and how we didn't need so much stuff to have a great time. 

Why can't life always be like that??

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Vintage Bird Girl said...

What a picturesque glad you had some time out with the family. Always good for the soul isn't it. Xx