Thursday, January 3, 2008

Princess Slippers

Hmmm ... December got away from me so all those Christmas shots I took didn't quite make it to the blog. A new year and a new direction for the blog now.

Now all the craziness is over (although a lot of it I loved) we are relaxing completely which means lots of TV, chocolate and craft. Well that's we girls. Steve is back at work, but when he was home he did his fair share of relaxing too, minus the craft!

For the last two days the girls have been making these teensy princess slippers out of this book. Emily in particular felt inspired to make enough for a garland of them. In between TV and candy canes and jumping on the trampoline she has sat at their little craft table and traced, cut, scored, adhered and decorated to her heart's content. Last count = 18 slippers. Apparently they want a princess bedroom now. Which is sweet.

I have been stamping and cuttlebugging, making some birthday cards, which makes a nice change after all the Christmas crafts. But am having some technical difficulties getting the photos uploaded, so maybe another time!

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