Friday, February 29, 2008

What a Week!

Thanks to the school where I work holding two other events this week, I have had 2 DAYS OFF!!! Plus some other cancellations meant a very empty week. So at last it was worth setting up a trestle table in the living room for some sewing!

What a relief to finish off some projects that have been on my mind for ages, and what fun to start and finish some new projects in just one week. Normally the sewing machine has to go on the dining table which means packing up before school finishes.
What I have made this week:

1. Finished off a needlebook for a friend (ok it wasn't made with the sewing machine but couldn't be finished till I went through EVERY box of fabric I own to find that piece of wool blanketing to stop the needles from rusting)

2. Made a gift for a new baby at church - a bag in cute fairy fabric with a felt bunny (pattern here)

3. Then another baby girl was born so I made another bag, this one more bunny-sized and I have cut out a second bunny to stitch.

4. A little drawstring bag for my mp3.

5. Two nights ago this Tone Finnanger book arrived from Amazon

and I was seriously inspired, especially by this

so I put this together yesterday. I sewed happily inside while outside the rain poured down, and felt sorry thoughts for my daughters outside at their school swimming carnival!

The colours don't look so great in the photo but I think it will have a nice vintage feel. In the book the reverse applique method is used to make the pictures, but after failing a heart in this method I am thinking of embroidering the designs rather than appliqueing. Maybe it will hang in the hall ... hmmm it will have to since every other wall is covered already. (some by windows LOL don't imagine our house is completely covered with pictures or anything!)

6. This morning a new friend came over and we did some stamping:

taken from this idea and made a few other cute cards.

Plus ...

- shortened and removed blockout lining from girls' curtains

- adjusted maternity-lookalike top

- sorted through all fabric

- quilted more of the Vinnies quilt (story to come)

- chose fabric for a quilt for a workshop

- and bought this - not sure what to make it into yet.

And not only did I craft but this morning I cooked dinner for us and another family, cooked lunch in case my friend stayed, hung out washing AND walked the girls to school all before 10.00am. Unheard of.

Oh the things I could do if I didn't work. But would I keep it up? Or is this the momentum of knowing that it is only for this week?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Fiona,
Our cards look good, don't they!! Exciting to see them on your blog - which is, btw a lovely collection of the enchanting things you make :-)