Monday, March 23, 2009


On Friday Laura and I baked choc chip cookies for the school Band Workshop Day. On Saturday morning I made homemade granola. On Saturday night Laura and I concocted a new dessert, a peach cobbler (vanillla cake mix, pie peaches, melted butter and slivered almonds). Yesterday I baked a Caramel Walnut Slice. Today I baked a gluten-free chocolate cake for our bible study lunch tomorrow, and something special for Steve's birthday (also tomorrow).

I enjoy baking and now that I mostly get to do it by myself I find I can whip up a slice or batch of cookies pretty quickly. But it is fun to bake with the girls too, so long as we're not in a hurry! And I must say I do enjoy the eating, too, a bit too much! My aim this last week was to bake instead of buying biscuits, and even though I've been busy I've managed that pretty well. I'm even starting to think of baking two things while the oven is hot, in an attempt to save power. I've been inspired by Rhonda at Down-to-earth to be more economical and to make more things from scratch. I also made my own laundry powder, which is my latest experiment in looking after sensitive skin AND saving money, hopefully. Even though I have mostly always shopped and planned carefully I'm sure I could do more to save money and be healthier.

Hmmm ... and after all those yummy baked goods a little exercise wouldn't go astray, either ...

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Emily said...

We also make things from scratch and it saves us bunches!! It's wonderful. And your cookies look SOOOO yummy! :)