Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A School Excursion & Another Bonnet

Today Laura sets off on a school excursion to a couple of historic homes, dating from the 1820s (that's about as historic as things get in Australia). She had to dress up, so on Friday night, just before our (hugely successful) school fair, I quickly threw together a Regency bonnet similar to this one I made last year. Only this one wasn't made from a handbag!

I cut a large circle of fabric and gathered the edges with a large running stitch, and then attached half a hat (left over from my bonnet), stitched over the gathering stitches with some stitches to hold it together, and attached ribbons on the side. It's pretty wonky but time was of the essence and it will have to do!

I must say there is something incongruous (and distracting!) about making a bonnet while the intended wearer is watching High School Musical 2 in the background!

Anyway last night we curled her hair and this morning, before rushing off to band practice snapped these photos of the finished result.

She is wearing a white blouse under a white sundress - I considered sewing a dress specially, but have been so busy the last few weeks that I didn't have time, and I know she wouldn't wear it again if I had sewn something, so this was a good solution. The dress is a good length and the overall shape is almost right for a Regency era costume. Of course she is supposed to be a convict so she is a very well-dressed convict, I should have dressed her in rags ...

In a few minutes I'll go and pick up her flute and make sure she gets on the bus ok ... unfortunately it is a miserable raining day here, but I'm sure they'll have a great time. We visited the same house a couple of years ago, so I can picture her in this cozy 1800s kitchen:

I know I could spend a couple of hours there quite happily!

Oops better go and get her on that bus ...


Hill upon Hill said...

I would like to go there too. She looks beautiful.

Fiona said...

One of the boys at school was dressed as a naval officer - the white breeches, navy coat with tails and gold braid ... the works. Very impressive. The girls mostly wore mob caps and some of the girls looked quite American - in gingham ... sort of a Holly Hobbie look ...lots of fun to see them all and wave them off!

Emily said...

The bonnet turned out so cute! I love that photo and yes - I too could spend hours there!! Hope you are doing great and enjoying Spring!