Friday, November 27, 2009


Unable to resist the Dishcloth Brigade any longer, I have now knitted two dishcloths. The first one was not blog-worthy due probably to my inability to read a knitting pattern. It mostly looked like a sailboat design, but the mast was definitely wonky! Anyway, it still works perfectly well in the kitchen.

This pattern seems about perfect though - some texture will help it to work well cleaning benches, and the pattern was easy and repetitive for a basic knitter like myself, perfect for knitting in front of TV.

We normally use Enjo cleaning cloths and I think they are brilliant. However they are too expensive to have a stack and so we tend not to wash them as often as we should. Now we will rotate the Enjo cloths with the dishcloths, which work almost as well in cleaning and releasing grime.

Pattern here at this lovely blog.

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Hill upon Hill said...

I have always wanted to do great grandmother used to knit/crochet with string and that is what became our dish cloth.