Friday, December 4, 2009

One liddle zucchini

After some anxious weeks of waiting and wondering, attempts at hand-pollinating and many visits to the vegetable patch, I present to you

... drumroll please


... our first zucchini!

Yes, yes, I know zucchinis are ridiculously easy to grow, but with our past gardening record we just can't be too confident!

Actually we have been picking lettuce for some time and there are tomatoes growing as well, the garden is producing something, at least. The carrots are looking healthy on top, who knows what's happening below. This morning, as I headed out on my morning walk, I found a mouse who had come to a sorry end, heading away from our vegetable garden.
Which would explain the little white bites all over the otherwise perfect red radishes.
When I started vegetable gardening I didn't expect to be quite so confronted with the whole food chain thing ... at least not before breakfast.

Now to decide how to cook our first zucchini ...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I also have been delighted at picking some zucchinis.It's very nice to head out in the garden in the morning to see what is happening. Angela

Emily said...

Yay! So exciting!!! How wonderful! And it looks beautiful!