Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kindness Rewarded

We are enjoying our Christmas Tree in our living room, with its red, white, green and gold ornaments and twinkling lights. This was an ornament I made last year when I was playing with my new Nestabilities dies.

Our tree belonged to my family and I remember as a child it seemed so tall. For the last few years I've taken a photo of each of my daughters by the tree to record their height. Emily can stretch right to the top now!

I can't believe she is leaving primary school and going to high school next year. Today we had a lovely surprise at the school Presentation Day when Emily was awarded the school Citizenship Award. The Principal had some lovely things to say about Emily being a quiet person, but someone who made a difference. The teachers have noticed her over the years being kind to other children and always helpful and thoughtful towards others.

Just yesterday I noticed her quietly helping to get her classroom ready after our morning recorder concert, then outside in the playground she helped a younger boy untangle his schoolbag from a seat, before I even noticed that he was having trouble. I was proud enough of her then, and told her so, but today when I realised that her kindness at school has not gone unnoticed by the principal and teachers, I was ready to burst! LOL

Emily, we are so proud of you! You are growing up so beautifully. We love you!!!

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Hill upon Hill said...

Well done, I am bursting over here is so good to do these acts of kindness quietly and before others even know that there is a need.