Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Second-last day of school, tomorrow is Emily's last day of primary school.
Two shopping trips today - 5 hours in total.
Bombarded with attractive (and some completely unattractive) products.
Groceries to unpack.
A house to tidy.
Christmas cards to write tonight, and hopefully post tomorrow.
A Christmas gift made to send to US, probably to arrive late.
Presents to wrap.
One last child-free day tomorrow in which to achieve all my hopes and dreams LOL.

I wonder what I am doing it all for, then I look at the Christmas Tree and remember - Christmas, time of peace and joy. The elusive completely peaceful sit-down with a cup of tea, carols playing softly in the background and something sweet might not ever happen (although sometimes it comes pretty close, it's never quite the way I imagine it).

But true peace with God and true joy will be ours one day to enjoy forever. And that's what I need to remember in the middle of the craziness. Jesus didn't come to earth so that we could be frantic in December. He came so that we could have peace with God.

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