Saturday, July 9, 2011

Family Holiday

This week we have enjoyed a family holiday at Lilyvale, in the

Royal National Park.

Mum and Dad organised three nights away for us all,

nine adults and seven children,

and the accommodation was just about perfect.

Two buildings and lovely grounds completely to ourselves.

We enjoyed hanging out together,

playing card games

watching movies

playing cricket


and eating

(and eating and eating)!

Some of us even played music.

A holiday sounds good with a backdrop of guitar and mandolin.

Lilyvale is in a deep valley surrounded by bush.

Sunlight was limited to the middle of the day,

(yey for central heating and a log fire!)

but we missed the strong winds that hit Sydney.

Trees fell a few streets away from home, so we are very thankful

our home was unharmed while we were away.

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Hill upon Hill said...

Oh that looks lovely.