Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thrifted Armchairs

One of the most exciting things (for me!) about our planned extensions

is that I will have a craft room!

My new craft room will also include some living/sitting space,

and my plan was to visit garage sales every Saturday AFTER our building was finished,

until I found two matching (or almost matching)

wing chairs.

... covered in blue velvet,

... old but still in good condition,

and preferably $200.00 for the pair,

(not dreaming of paying any less)


when I found these two beauties

$80.00 for the pair

at Vinnies the other day,

I knew they were coming home with me ...

... room or no room.

Perfect in every way, except for the colour.

Actually in real life the chairs are a nice deep olive green

And I can work with that.

Add a few crocheted throws and cushions

and some cute vintage stuff.

Yep, I can work with olive green velvet.

So we've stashed them in the workshop for now,

to reappear ...

one day ...

when our building is complete.

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