Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Goodness

Here I am, from a different computer, something else to get used to!

Life has been busy and now I'm trying to tidy up the house for the week. It's lovely to see the sun again!
After all the rain I've got the washing dried at last, and have done some ironing.
The kitchen seems to be messy about 5 minutes after I tidy it ... always something to do there!

Menus need to be planned. We are currently doing the RPA Elimination Diet, so menus are a little trickier than usual, on the other hand there are less ingredients to choose from and buy so now that I'm in the swing of it it might actually be easier to choose our meals!

I've baked some fresh bread and tomorrow will bake some cookies that I mixed on the weekend, they are sitting in the fridge in a sausage shape waiting to be cut and baked. I will try to post that recipe soon, it's a good one.
I can add photos to my blog but can't upload any new photos at the moment, so these are photos from earlier in the year.
What are you doing in your home to start the week?

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