Friday, August 26, 2011


A few months ago I had never heard of salicylates.

Well, now I have, and I've been missing them for 5 weeks!

Until this week!

On Monday for lunch I sat down to my first colourful meal in some time!

Salicylates in the asparagus, pumpkin, snow peas and capsicum.

Since then I've been enjoying all sorts of salicylates ...
sweet potato

... so far they don't seem to be affecting me too much ... 3 more days of eating them as much as possible and then back to the normal diet for a few days .... and then I'll try amines.

In the meantime, I have also given up gluten and dairy, and am feeling MUCH better!  
I'm full of energy this week!
Maybe I've been gluten-intolerant all this time!

Unfortunately Laura hasn't fared so well on a high-salicylate diet this week 
so we need to review what she eats in the long term ...

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