Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy Granny Squares


I am on the last square of my granny square rug!

After 18 months,
and lots of other crocheting in between,
looks like I will finish it this Spring,
rather than last Spring.

In fact I remember last winter
I was loving it so much that I started another project
to make the fun of making this rug "last"

This last square is making me the happiest of all.

From its yellow-aqua-purple centre 

to its pink and yellow goodness
and a few more happy rounds to add.

For a few weeks I was deliberating about ...

how many rounds?

how to join them?

and finally I decided to do a round of trebles for the 20th row
in the darker blue or pink 
and then a round of single 
(or double? I can never remember which it is) crochet in green.

Then I will stitch them together with green
and do some more rounds around the whole rug,
finishing with pink.

And I'm so happy with the green edging!

The other squares are stacked almost ready to join together
one needs its green edging,
some need the ends sewn in.

Soon I'll be able to show you the finished rug!

Linking to Fibers on Friday.
See what the others are making!


Beth said...

I'm so envious of people who pick such PERFECT colors!! Your rug is going to be gorgeous!! Welcome to Fibers on Friday and thank you for sharing!!

Cecily said...

Super pretty! Love the colors!

Andria said...

I really love the colours you are using. This is going to be awesome!

~Claire~ said...

Yes, beautiful colours! Makes me smile :)