Thursday, October 13, 2011

In the early morning light ...

 Mornings have not been my strong point, lately.
In fact in the holidays I was regularly staying up late 
and getting up around 9.00am.

Now school is back I really need to get up much earlier!
And I am.
But a couple of late nights
and a slow adjustment to daylight savings time
are not helping.

Yesterday morning I woke after 7.00
and this is what I saw at the end of the bed.

The hallway
bathed in bright morning light.

This only happens at this time of year
and only if Steve opens the blinds at the back of the house.

(and who knew our walls were so warped?
Can you believe we are going to add
 another storey onto this old house??)

The light was so bright
and enticing
that I jumped out of bed and greeted the day.

Well, almost.
After a few minutes thinking about it.

And then I had to take photos.

btw: Oil painting by Steve's mum, of a local scene.
Stencilling by me, back in 1995
inspired by 'the movie Little Women'.

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Hill upon Hill said...

All beautiful; the stencilling, the ilght and the painting.