Saturday, October 8, 2011

Teen/Tween Fashion Sense

Life here is a parade 
of colour 

Take Emily's favourite outfit at the moment (above)

Note the pretty Cath Kidston-style sundress,
the khaki sleeveless vest

the pink beanie
complete with plaits and badges

the cute non-matching socks 
and military-style boots

Yep, she's got style.

And then there's the pink girl.

Favourite striped cardigan

A headband for every day of the week
or year

Fringe created from long hair folded back
(to try and persuade me to let her have a fringe cut)

fingerless hot pink gloves 
(seen being created here by the wearer)

hot pink legwarmers
over black leggings
denim shorts over the leggings


for a casual day at home,
pink fluffy slippers.

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