Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Chocolate Party for Emily

The end of November and beginning of December are always crazy.

But I think we are over the worst of it, now!

In the midst of that craziness,

and in the midst of renovations

we held an afternoon tea party for Emily.

Emily's birthday is in January, but it's hard to gather friends in January,

so sometimes we have a party in December, instead.

Emily is old enough to do some of the planning and organising herself,

so she took care of the games and the chocolate truffles,

I made the cake, tidied the house and planned the craft.

The table was set with a purple cloth and chocolate-themed serviettes.

(I was setting the table at the very last minute, throwing the streamers over the fan ...
it was a crazy day - on top of the mess of everything stacked up around the place,
I'd had an electrician in spreading dust ...

just as well 
I'm used to moving boxes and furniture daily now 
... running on not-enough sleep and adrenaline....)

We had a chocolate fountain with fruit, marshmallows and savoiardi,
 a chocolate birthday cake (with cream and jam!)
chocolate truffles, 
and chocolate biscuits.
Plus a few types of chips for something savoury.
All Emily's choices.

The girls played the chocolate game

and made dresses for Polly Pockets with lolly wrappers, 

which they did really well at.

The girls voted for their favourite to choose a winner.

We made necklaces and the girls also took home lolly bags.

Emily's friends were lovely 
and I think a good time was had by all.

And I leave you with this evidence of Emily's dedication to chocolate.
Her morning Milo
protected with a little dropsheet of its own.

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Hill upon Hill said...

I loved the dust drop sheet over the milo, a great sense of humour. Huge achievement to host such a lovely party amidst renovations.