Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas at the Piano

Christmas has come to our home!
On Saturday we put up our Christmas tree, after all
Now we just have to cover it with a dropsheet every time the builders work inside.
Not a great look, but worth it for the evenings :-)

And one other area I managed to decorate ... our piano.

The piano is the centre of one of our Christmas traditions, 
singing carols together.

And my piano pupils are in here each week too,
but let's face it, I really did this for myself ;-)

Over my vintage framed sheetmusic 
(some of which belonged to my nanna and great-aunt)
I draped a white leaf garland.

Then I decorated with

a bottle brush tree

white lanterns,
a thrifted deer
and carols sheetmusic

vintage books
(about music)

All of which makes me happy!

(even though the rest of the room is PACKED full of junk
that had to be moved suddenly afterwards,
the building continues in the oddest places ....)

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