Monday, February 6, 2012

Preparing for Painting

Photo by Emily
It was all on at our place this weekend.
Thankfully the sun came out
after a drenching week.

Steve replaced the timber battens on the carport.

I spent a few hours with a mattock (!)]
(in my stylish painting shorts)
to clear a decade of weeds and ferns away from the fence

 so that it can be painted this week.

Photo by Emily

After two afternoons

the job was done.


The painters have plenty to do,
our fence hasn't coped with the shade.

And previous painters didn't do a good job
which means some areas have to be stripped right back.

The front fence has been scrubbed ready to paint.

Today I woke with aching muscles
but the satisfaction of a job well done!

Photo by Emily

The plumber has been in today and installed taps and toilet ...

and the stair man is finishing the stairs.

Photos tomorrow.
We are soooo close to finishing!!!

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