Friday, February 24, 2012

Still painting ...

While our building has almost finished, the painting hasn't!

Two months after we began painting on Boxing Day,
Emily's room is completely finished, 
but Laura's room is waiting on some more paint on the trim, and some touching-up.

The hallway also needs more trim painted.

And then there are the stairs.  Yikes.

Varnishing AND painting 
... what was I thinking???

The most exciting painting this week was the addition of 
Wattyl Breezy Day to the bathroom walls.

Loving the way it has turned out, 
and more photos to come when the tiler has finished completely.

On Monday night I realised that we had only two days 
to paint the bathroom before the shower screen was to arrive!

So we painted and painted until it was done.
Nothing like painting at 7.00am ... or during dinner ...
It's not a great paint job because the gyprockers didn't finish the walls well,
expecting the whole room to be tiled.
We could have insisted on getting it done better,
but at this stage we just want to get on with it
and have it finished.

So, the texture just adds to the vintage vibe
I was hoping for ...

And speaking of painting, do you like this oil painting?

Just $4.00 at an op shop.  

All the other wallhangings there were around $15.00 
- just prints or empty frames.

This is just a cheap plastic frame, 
but I like the scene, especially the water and sky.  

I do find myself gravitating to original art these days
 ... so long as it fits the budget ;-)
and old is good.

This might find a home in the living room
or in my craft room ... not sure yet.

The carpet is booked for Monday 5th March,
so we are trying to get all the painting upstairs 
and on the stairs done by then.
. . .

Of course
(she says between clenched teeth)
that would depend on the shower screen guy 
actually turning up ...
or the whole painting schedule goes up in smoke!


suzanne said...

Good morning Fiona

thank you for visiting my blog. I too a renovating..bathrooms. Hopefully will be able to share soon. It is a little stressful buut I can't wait for thhe finished result. Love the painting..what a treasure find~

warm regards

Hill upon Hill said...

oh I like the painting too; I mean the one in the frame.