Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Almost, but not quite

Dark and miserable weather here.

The painters have half-finished, 

which makes for a very odd-looking house.

The upstairs painting is completed, 

but the downstairs is a mixture of new and old.

Today it is raining heavily at times, but the painters persist, 

working on the verandah,

removing years of flaking paint from the ceiling.

* * *

Inside, two men work on the gyprock

around the stairs, kitchen and downstairs toilet.

Upstairs, one man tiles the new bathroom ...

... and I huddle in the study

surrounded by stuff which needs to be tidied up.

Yesterday the girls headed off to school 

together for the first time,

both at high school this year,

another change for us,

one which gives me more free time and less driving.

I will be able to appreciate that better

when our building is finished,

and we are out of survival mode.

Which is thankfully not too far off now, 

perhaps early next week.

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