Monday, November 5, 2012

Good busy

Life at the moment is good busy.

Laura's birthday is on Thursday,

so on Saturday we celebrated with family here.

26 people, and among them lots of other 

birthdays to catch up on, too.

I think we sang "Happy Birthday" about 6 or 7 times,

most of them with multiple people named!

Laura requested a marble cake,

which I decorated with rainbow sprinkles,

piped chocolate buttercream

and smarties.

Steve photographed the cake while I frantically 

worked on last-minute cooking and cleaning, 

 including (with Laura's help) assembling

gluten-free Melting Moments


Fortunately all our visitors were

politely at least 10 minutes late,

so we even had time to look up and smile at the camera.

Can you believe my baby is almost 13?

And here she is later in the afternoon,

enjoying some of her gifts -

fluro coral sunglasses, 

a lion handpuppet

and a very gorgeous and beloved rug

crocheted by an aunt.

We had a wonderful time

all together, it's rare that 

every single member 

of our extended family

can be all together.

And of course the afternoon tea table

was groaning with plates of 

sweet and delicious food

(thankfully not all cooked by me).

Lovely to see the nieces and nephews 

growing up, too.

Good times.

* * *

And in other busy-but-good-ness ....

I have been requested lately 

to source various items,

including (but not limited to):

pink, black, white or silver schoolgirl dress


pink hairspray

fishnet gloves

(for a punk schoolgirl themed dance at school)

Mad Hatter's hat 

(for Emily's birthday party soon)

many and various 

birthday presents

(some of which can't be named yet)

craft activity and lollies 

(for Laura's party with friends)

leis and flowers for hair

(for ballet concert)

food for parties and a goodbye present

(a friend of Laura's moved to another state)

formal/military style dress

(Emily is going on a formal harbour cruise

with her youth group)

.... and I haven't even started to think 

about Christmas presents yet!

But I like shopping,

and the challenge of finding 

the perfect item at the right price.

So it's all good.


* * *

How busy is your November??


Hill upon Hill said...

Oh I saw that rug being lovingly crocheted!

Fiona said...

I thought you might have ...!