Friday, March 1, 2013

The Circle of Life?

Leave home.
Recorder Class.
Bible study.
Friend's house.

15 car trips yesterday.
The last one in the dark and pouring rain.
And all of them driving someone else's car.

Dad was kind enough to 
lend us his car while ours
is at the smash repairs
having a mysteriously-appearing
small dent/large scratch repaired.

Throw in some piano and recorder teaching,
shopping, cooking, washing and trying to actually put 
two thoughts together at bible study,
and that's quite a full day.

This is the circle of life 
they don't tell you about.

A merry-go-round especially for mothers.

A never-ending whirl of outings, drop-offs, shopping,
providing, helping with homework and 
taking up or letting out hems.

And when you do stick your head out for air, 
and pause for some real conversation, 
you are frequently met with teenage 
arguments and complaints.
Quickly followed by requests (demands)
for help in various categories,
only some of which fall within your 
areas of expertise.


These may include such skills as
mending, upcycling, costume design,
poetry analysis, first aid, peacemaking,
mobile phone repairs, science project decisions,
sourcing (and purchasing) of ebay items,
liaising with teachers
and assisting instrument practice ...

... all in addition to the usual demands
for food, clothes, cash and more food.


This has been an extra-crazy week for me.
Completely out of the blue
I was offered two days of casual teaching,
which I took.

Life is not always this frantic,
(although Thursdays always are).

Most days, if I remember to take 
a break for myself
when I can, 
just before the girls get home,
I have the energy, patience 
and resourcefulness
to get through whatever is thrown at me in 
the afternoon and evening.
Before I can collapse into bed
and get up in the morning
straight back into that revolving door.

But no matter how many breaks I take
nothing can stop the feeling of spinning
at the sheer number and variety of
things I am expected to do
once the girls get home.

(How do people manage with more children?
Or full-time work? Eek)

2006 - how cute where they?
Was it easier when the girls were younger?

It was exhausting when the girls were younger.
But I think there were far fewer mental demands.
Sometimes the monotony of the day
was almost too much.

* * *

So I'll just keep spinning here.

Not unhappy,

just spinning.

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