Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Food for everyone

Yesterday was a big baking day.

Peanut cookies for me.
Based on my Gran's peanut biscuit recipe,
but with GF flour and DF margarine.

Realising that my body is not coping 
with leaving starches and sugar just yet.
But treating myself with the peanuts.

Orange cupcakes for Emily and her friends
who came over to work on an assignment.
Thank goodness they all have normal diets!

Grain-free Gingerbread Cookies for Laura.

Made with almonds, honey, and coconut oil.
They reminded me of the old Honey Snaps
we could buy when I was young.

First batch: a little overdone around the edges (above) 
but otherwise ok, 
although they look nothing like Kersten's.
Probably our oven ...

Second batch:  I pressed out one big cookie 
and cut it into square before baking - better.

Third batch: round cookies again.  
I was distracted by something in the mail
and they burnt to a crisp, smoke everywhere.
There goes a packet of almond meal ...

By the time Emily's friends arrived at 2.45pm
I was a nervous wreck.

But at least we all had some yummy baking to enjoy.


Hill upon Hill said...

Yum, that all looks good. I tried to make almond cookies last week and struggled to bind them together.

Persevered though and they were deicious.

Fiona said...

I think the coconut oil helps to bind them.