Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lightening up

For a long time 

we had at the back door 

a speaker and a boot cupboard.

The boot cupboard made for good storage

of gumboots and thongs,

and I had handpainted and stenciled it,

but it made getting out the back door 

with a load of washing tricky,

and I never like the look of 

two pieces of furniture 

right up next to each other, especially when 

both have knick-knacks and lamps on them!

So a few weeks ago I decided

that enough was enough,

and I moved the boot cupboard to the verandah,

and lightened up on the accessories.

Aaaahhhh...  much better.


Coal Valley View said...

That looks gorgeous! Love your wallhanging x

Fiona said...

Thanks! One day I'd like to sew a new border on that wallhanging, changing it from red to blue to coordniate better with the blues and greens in the room.