Wednesday, August 28, 2013


In which I succumb to metaphor

A swallow flew into our ballet class just now,

and couldn't find the way out.

He (she?) flew from one end of the studio to the other,

back and forth, frantically looking for an escape.

Sometimes resting on the curtain rod,

so close to the open window a few inches below ...

We kept on with our glissades, pirouettes and waltzes,

and in the end didn't see the bird actually fly out the window,

but I heard happy chirping as it flew off.

While struggling to keep up with the steps

I couldn't help but liken the bird to myself at the moment.

Frantically looking for an exit,

a solution,

a cure.

But at least now I have a reprieve,

Laura has gone on a school camp

and for three days

her migraines, anxiety, 

other symptoms and mood swings

are the school's problem.

Don't get me wrong, I love Laura dearly,

but I just need a break,

a rest on the curtain rod 

before more frantic circling, 

and hopefully one day 

flying into the sunshine and fresh air.

Ballet credit: Microsoft.  I don't dance that well!


Justjen said...

Lots of hugs. I feel what you feel, one of my adult children is struggling at the moment and I struggle along with him every step of the way xx. Sometimes you just have to get away from it all and do something you enjoy - it helps.

Amy at love made my home said...

It isn't that you want them away from you, you just want the difficulties they are struggling with away from you. I understand that well enough. Hope you enjoy your time and that you get to relax and do what you enjoy.

Fiona said...

Yes Amy, you are right, it's the difficulties I want to avoid, not my darling daughter. Like the girl in the story, "when she's good she is very, very good" (and fun!) but when she's bad, everything is horrid!

Hill upon Hill said...

Oh I hear you and totally understand.
It is because you love her so much that it matters so much.