Thursday, October 3, 2013

Painting the fence

It's school holidays,

and we are blessed with not one,

but two lots of child-free time,

... and we've been painting again!

Mostly me.

Originally, the painter was going to paint the fence.

But he was called to another job,

and the weather was never right to call him back.

So I first painted some of the fence a year ago,

after much waiting for the elusive combination 

of available time and dry weather.

And now another year has gone by!

Dad came with his gerni and we bleached

and hosed the fence last week.

Since then we've had

sunny weather,

so no excuse not to paint.


I got the last little bits of the first coat

done this morning,

just before it started to rain at last.

Thankfully I can't paint again until the fence 

has dried out, another 3 days.

And we've run out of paint.

It's been hard work,

especially in the hot sun,

but it's a good feeling to be saving about $1000.

Next job will be some landscaping in the front yard.

(In addition to painting,

we have had some dinners out,

a trip to the cinema,

and time to do other projects

in some peace and quiet :-)

Good times.)


Amy at love made my home said...

The fence looks great! Glad to know that you have taken some time out to enjoy your time alone too. xx

Hill upon Hill said...

Well done!

April Dunlap said...

It's beautiful. What a lovely house!
I'm fairly certain even Tom Sawyer couldn't have gotten the fence done any better! :)
Glad you had some quiet time, too!

simmone said...

Lovely fence, esp. the gate, no mean feat painting in this heat either. Enjoy your days off.