Wednesday, October 23, 2013

One Small Thing: more decluttering

Laura has been doing so well

with her school attendance,

and was at school every day for a week,

(half-days, that is)

until this morning when she was sick

after feeling funny all night.

So she has had a day on the sofa

watching movies

and I have been most productive.

turning into hours of decluttering!

I started in the craft room 

with the aim of sorting just one shelf,

through old craft magazines 

and project ideas.

After I'd culled some

I put the rest into into folders with pretty labels.

With some space gained I included some things 

previously stored in the study.

And that led to tidying the study!

More sorting through folders and papers

and rearranging sheetmusic.

Look at all that space!!

Which meant that I had room at last

to play some harp just now.

I think the reason I haven't been playing much harp

is that I've been sitting right in the corner on the piano stool,

feeling cramped.

Now I can spread out and enjoy.

Much better!

Laura hasn't been sick again

and might start eating soon, btw

I was just about to say (for those of you 

kind enough to be concerned) that we are 

still unaffected by fire.

But just now I have heard sirens and have discovered

that there is an out of control fire

 a few minutes' drive away.

(Update 15mins later: 

now that fire's not even listed on the RFS website,

must be under control already!

Yey for firefighters!)

Elsewhere, many fires continue to burn, all over the state.

Praying for rain.


Amy at love made my home said...

The tidying and sorting is obviously going well Fiona! Great that you had space and time to play the harp too. So glad that you are safe from the fires at the moment, the fire fighters are doing a great job. Stay safe. xx

Bekka Joy said...

Brilliant. I'm doing a big clean up and holding a 2nd hand stall at a local baby market in two weeks! It feels good to be taking a huge pile of baby things out of our home and making a little money and letting them go to homes where they'll be well used once again instead of sitting in a cupboard! :)

Fiona said...

Yey for you, Bekka! Hope you sell it all. So great for the parents buying for their babies at a great price, too. Thanks for visiting.

Justjen said...

I'm a little behind in my blog reading. I love it when I've tidied the craft room, it does encourage more creativity ...which makes more mess :-). I'm very glad you weren't affected by the fires.