Tuesday, October 8, 2013

International Fleet Review

On Sunday Steve was playing in a chamber concert at Kirribilli

so we girls took a trip to Darling Harbour 

while he was rehearsing.

We hoped to see some of the tall ships and warships

berthed there, following the big celebrations on Saturday

(which we only saw on TV)

Just as we arrived, this tall ship came in,

back from a harbour cruise.

Perfect timing.

We started walking, but it was 

oh. so. hot



So many people,

walking so slowly,

with so many strollers and toddlers,

and not a breath of wind.

Laura feels hot all the time,

so she was really struggling.

Just as we thought we couldn't take anymore,

we came upon a ferry wharf,

and were able to board a free ferry within minutes,

after enjoying being on the shady wharf.

Suddenly the afternoon went from 

disastrous to perfect.

Shade, a cool breeze, views 

and close-ups of the ships we wanted to see!


Amazing clouds.

The ferry went via Balmain

and dropped us off at Luna Park,

just near Kirribilli!

We wandered slowly around the harbour edge

stopped for iceblocks, 

and walked up to the Neighbourhood Centre,

where there was some great yarn-bombing

and a brilliant performance by Steve & co.

As we left we enjoyed the first night of daylight savings.

A long trip home, with train delays and more,

but home again

and a public holiday the next day, to recover!


Amy at love made my home said...

WOW Fiona, that looks like a wonderful day, such great pictures as well, so great to see the views and the boats actually from the water.

Thank you for sharing this, so so lovely to see! xx

Bethany @ Journey to Ithaca said...

Oh, goodness!

I just found my way here from Becoming Minimalist, and look at those sailboats! I'm a sailor who has sadly (but not too sadly, because we're starting a new life) taken a year off, to move across the US. But your pics made me more eager to keep looking for that perfect boat down here, so that we can live aboard full time!

Anyway, I love your blog, and I definitely will be back. :-)