Sunday, June 29, 2014

Babycakes, and knitted love

Baby-sized cupcakes for my cousin's baby shower today.

Pink and blue, to cover all outcomes.

We girls got stamping and punching and icing after lunch
and were finished just in time.
(And time for a quick photo, too!)

It was a good afternoon, no games, just lots of food,
chatting and presents for the mother-to-be.
Everyone is so happy she is having a baby,
she got married last year, just before her 40th birthday.

My aunt gave my cousin today 
some baby items our Nanna had knitted and crocheted,
years before, for her great-grandchildren.

It was special to see the booties and bonnet knitted so lovingly
and packed away so many years ago for a hoped-for child.
My girls each have a crocheted granny rug from Nanna,
who died just after Laura's first birthday, over thirteen years ago.
This will be the tenth great-grandchild in the family,
but Nanna only lived to meet the first three of them.

Here is my Nanna, and my father and aunt,
babies both welcomed with much love,
and likely much knitting too.

I'm hoping to crochet something for the baby,
who is due in a month.
I'd better get started!
Laura has begun a rug,
but got sidetracked crocheting squares for Wrap with Love.

Babies + celebrations + good food + items handmade with love 
It's all good.

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Amy at love made my home said...

Congratulations to your cousin, glad that you had such a great time! xx