Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Craft Group Tomorrow!

Well this week has been a slap-in-the-face return to "real life" for me. The girls are settling back into school and homework is back to fill that mid-afternoon lull. I began piano teaching again on Monday, it was lovely to see my students again, and I got so much done , despite being so busy that day, but since then I seem to have been going to medical appointments and getting shopping done, in between feeling tired and headachey.
But tomorrow am off to craft group again! Yey!
Just knowing that I have a few hours set aside for craft keeps me going through all the ups and downs of my day.
I have almost finished my embroidery, which will definitely be finished tomorrow, and I might do some scrapbooking too.... then to make my embroidery into the finished project ... a little something to bring a smile to a mundane chore.
The scene above (sorry about the reflection of the flash!) is a "corner of my home" - my sewing corner, complete with a vintage sewing machine that belonged to my aunt, a needlebook I made and a pincushion made by by mother-in-law (I added the ribbon) which is made with a plastic lid, covered with velvet and filled with coffee grounds which are supposed to stop your pins from rusting. And 5 years or more later I can say that yes, it works. None of my needles have rusted. All sitting on top of my Balinese spice drawers I found at a garage sale. I just wish I could remember what is in which drawer! I am forever opening them one after the other trying to find some sewing notion. But it holds my threads and my tools all handy to the dining table where I usually work. And looks good to boot.

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