Monday, February 25, 2008


At last today I have gotten my sewing machine out. In fact not just the sewing machine but a whole trestle table for a week of sewing! Today I have a day off, and Friday also, so am hoping to get lots done.

It is very satisfying to finish this project, a little ironing bag with a vintage embroidery design. Why (you may ask) did I bother to go to all that trouble to make an ironing bag of all things???
a) I have been wanting to make a little bag to hold the water cup, the lint brush thingy and a teatowel to test for a clean iron, because otherwise they get lost in the broom cupboard
b) I have decided that from now on all my craft must be functional - no more knick-knacks which just sit around collecting dust because there are no more walls or surfaces for them
c) I have also decided that the functional must be beautiful. Or at least aesthetically pleasing to me if no one else!
Other projects for this week:
- adjust a cute shirt which makes me look pregnant so that I don't look so pregnant
- choose fabrics for a quilt workshop
- maybe sew a gift for a baby at church
- make another bag in pinky-beige vintagey colours
So I'd better stop blogging and get on with it!

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