Friday, February 15, 2008

Second-hand Sunshine

Yesterday I went to Vinnies and found these:

The set includes

coffee pot


sugar bowl minus lid
5 cups
6 saucers
and cost just $8.00

I tried to leave them in the shop, because really while I love that 60s/70s look it just isn't really us, but those yellow flowers kept calling me, so I bought them.

Then I went back an hour later because I realised that the yellow placemats I had almost bought the first time would actually match. As does our yellow teapot (which is just as well since I don't even drink coffee!)

This was my other bargain - today at a $2.00 shop I found these for just 80c each, and am hoping they will work well with felt, also the girls can use them more easily than stranded cotton.

My other fun thing yesterday and today was to make this bracelet, my first try at a charm-style bracelet using chain rather than wire. I'm happy with it and wore it today but it needs more charms, especially near the clasp.

For afternoon tea just now we have enjoyed "Coconut Ice Cupcakes" topped with coconutty icing. Laura did a lot of the baking. Too yummy!

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