Monday, November 3, 2008

Baking Weekend

On Saturday for afternoon tea I baked this quick and easy Chocolate Cake, sweet with honey and a good chewy texture from the wholemeal flour.

Then later we all baked our First Family Cheesecake. We all love cheesecake but rarely have it, normally a cheesecake is too rich for a family of four to finish before it goes bad, but this one was just right to finish over a few days. We had fun making it together, then eating some yesterday, and are looking forward to the Second Family Cheesecake!

Yesterday I baked a gluten-free lemon cake for friends coming over tonight, and tomorrow I need to take morning tea to bible study, so somehow today I will fit in a bit more baking! phew!

1 comment:

Redwoodhouse said...

what fabulous baking, a cheesescake like that would never last more than a day maybe two in this household, the chocolate cake looks moist mine are sometimes a bit dry which puts me of making them.