Thursday, November 20, 2008

Vintage Sewing Notions Part 1

Today for Vintage Thingie Thursday I shall share the first of a few treasure boxes in my sewing supplies.
This box was passed down to me by my mother-in-law, who sewed clothes for her six children and herself over many years. She still sews now, but finds it more difficult since she had a stroke about 13 years ago. Not that anyone could tell from her finished products!

Love the box. Mildew and all.

And inside, beautiful braids.

This one is my favourite, a full 4 inches wide, just gorgeous.

There's something so exciting about a nice length of braid, as opposed to a scrap.

Ric Rac, 30c for 10 yards. Those were the days.

Today I reached into my box of braid and made these matryushka dolls (one for our Christmas tree, and one for an ornament swap)

For more vintage goodness check out Vintage Thingie Thursday's new home.


Miri said...

What lovely braids and trims-I see this box will be opened often-the dolls are adorable! I also posted VTT and found you from Suzanne's comments-a misbehaving link doesn't hold me back from seeing vintage goodies :)

Coloradolady said...

What a great box of vintage goodies. I love the little doll ornaments, those are just too cute.

I remember when I was little my mom and grandma sewed, I used to love looking at their box full of rickrack and braids. Nice memory.

If you tried to like to my VTT link, I had a bit of trouble with it this morning. Sorry. You can try and link back again to the post. I will get this worked out.

Jewelgirl said...

Oh the vintage ribbon trims are
wonderful! I like the old stationery
box too! Great vintage stuff!!

Hill upon Hill said...

Oh what a treasure. Your ornaments are sweet.

Elizabeth said...

What a treasure box; I look forward to seeing what you have next week! I'd hoard all this trim for the "perfect" project and it would sadly never be used. Glad to see you are finding such perfect ways to share it!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. Those ribbons are great! (I'm a ribbon addict, I'm seeking help though.)

mub said...

I love old bits of ribbons!

Your little ornaments are SO darling! I really really like them.