Monday, November 17, 2008

Irish Dancing Competition

Yeah, I was right. The dress does look better on a girl than on a hanger!

We survived the all-day outing yesterday of church (plus band rehearsal first) then a long drive, a long competition, then a long drive home.

(Laura in the yellow dress Emily wore last year)

The girls danced very well, but were up against girls their age who have been dancing for much longer, so were not placed high this time (last year they won 1st and 2nd places in the beginners)

But we were so proud of them, they danced so well and in hard shoes, too, which they have only learnt recently.

Beautiful girl!

Here are all the girls in the 7-10 years sections, as you can see the dresses are pretty spectacular. Some of them a bit too spectacular for my liking! One of the older girls (not in the photo) was dressed in pink, with a blonde wig with a pink rosy headband. As she stood on the stage posed ready to dance, I whispered to Steve she looked like something to put on top of a cake! Until she started to dance, then she was amazing!


Redwoodhouse said...

I love to see Irish dancing, those outfits are incredable so striking. It must be very good exercise learning the dance steps well done to them.

Linda said...

Well done on getting through it all.


Amy said...

How fun!! I used to be a folk dancer long ago in my teenage years. I miss it. Your girls look great - love the costumes.