Sunday, February 8, 2009

Birthdays and a Heat Wave

Yesterday we celebrated some family birthdays, so out came the stamps again to whip up some cards ....

and a gift of a Note Box with 9 Notecards:

I made 3 each of 3 styles of notecard, hopefully my aunt can use them for any occasion.

This one and the box use the Carte Postale set:

This one ...Think Happy Thoughts, Short & Sweet, In the Spotlight and Friendship Blooms
and for this one I used A Little Bit of Happiness:

(all stamped images Stampin' Up!)

We have had such hot weather in 3 states and now in Sydney, my cousin set up a paddling pool complete with slide for the children, they had a ball!

It's been so long since my girls played in a paddling pool! So today at home we cleaned up the old clampool and the girls played in it, and with the sprinkler. In my childhood memories the sprinkler came out every hot day (until we got a 3ft above ground pool!), but with water restrictions here in the last years I think my girls had forgotten what a sprinkler was! The restrictions were relaxed this weekend so out the sprinkler and pool came.

(Of course they're getting a bit big for that pool now!)

Although we have had a good weekend despite the heat, in Victoria up to 100 lives have been, and will be lost, in the worst fires in Australian history. I can't begin to imagine what people are going through, and will have to go through in the next days and months. We can only pray for rain. Here in Sydney a cool change has come and this week will be cooler, with showers. This heatwave is over, for us.


Hill upon Hill said...

oh a lovely time in the paddling pool......

Emily said...

I love the cards! They are lovely!