Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Vintage Bottles

It's been so long since I joined in Vintage Thingie Thursdays, and I've really missed it! But I've just been too busy. Since I sorted out our laundry I have had a bucket of vintage bottles sitting in a basin in my living room, and today's the day.

These bottles all came from my Gran's home when she moved out about 12 years ago. My sister took them first, but then eventually they found their way to me (as do many vintage items, it seems!) The cool thing about these bottles is that most of them still have their original labels AND their original liquids! (not to mention vintage and not-so-vintage dust layers!)

I love their different sizes and shapes, but most of all, the old labels.

Let's take a closer look:

Two olive oil bottles "for medicinal and table use"

Eucalyptus oil and tincture of iodine

Metaphen (label coming off this little 2" bottle)

Jungle Mosquito Repellant, still available

Olbas, which I had never heard of, but still available, and the bottle hasn't changed shape! (but I like the old one better, with it's lovely copperplate font.

this bottle has a faded handwritten label from a pharmacist, and is stopped with a (mouldy) cork:

Some furniture polish suitable for floors, woodwork, cars and refrigerators (hmmm, never thought of polishing my fridge!)

and this last one looks like something straight out of an old laboratory, complete with oozing black sticky stuff:

Glycerine and borax - "apply to the gums, tongue and throat in ulceration, and as a preventative for thrush" - no thankyou!

I love these old bottles, but I haven't got anywhere to display them at the moment, or room in the laundry anymore! But don't worry, I'll find a place away from any visiting little fingers before too long (Jacqui that's for your peace of mind). I would love to have a little glass cabinet on the wall, or something ... of course I have no wall space either ...

I hope you've enjoying looking at these vintage bottles, for more vintage goodies visit here on Thursdays!


Emily said...

I was just at an antique store tonight looking at old bottles - they are so fascinating! Great finds!!

Hill upon Hill said...

I feel safe in the knowledge......yes, a little glass cabinet.........They are lovely. Nice that Vintage things find their way to you.........

Coloradolady said...

These are great old bottles. I love all the different shapes. How wonderful you were able to hand on to them.

ClassyChassy said...

How cool! These would look great in an antique glass-front medicine cabinet!

farmlady said...

How interesting! They would be great on a small shelf up high enough so little hands couldn't reach them. The liquid inside them looks pretty grim. I love the different shapes.

Elizabeth said...

I love these bottles, I have a collection too, in my powder room.
When you stop by my VTT, check out my Wed post. I have 5 potential giveaways. Ends Fri midnight.

Bea said...

Love the bottles. The labels are so cool.

CC said...

I love the older labels..I think they're really cool. Happy VTT and have a wonderful weekend.

Miri said...

Quite an amazing collection-much more than just vintage bottles-a real peak into a long gone world. Love that some of these unguents are still available! Thanks for sharing.

Roslyn Atwood said...

In the early days of my nursing career we used glycerin & borax for "oral hygienes" on patients! It was sticky & messy even then.
Love your collection.Show us again when you find a place for display.