Thursday, February 5, 2009

Little Miss Muffet

One of (my growing list of) things I don't like about summer is the spiders. Oh don't get me wrong, a beautiful web in the sunrise is one thing, but spiders and spiderlings on the clothesline each morning are not fun, and neither is walking through webs every time you walk out the door.

But now it's getting ridiculous. What do I do about this little guy?

Yes, he's living inside our kitchen clock.

He must have gotten in the back where there is a hole in the plastic to hang the clock, but I don't know how he got from there onto the front of the clockface! He has been living there quite happily, although of course he does have to move on from time to time. LOL couldn't resist that one.

Incidentally while I am showing you my clock I'll tell you about how I made it over a year or two ago. This clock was given to us by our parents for a wedding gift. I chose it, it's a French blue with geese. I was going through a blue/geese/ducks stage (it was the early 90s) and it was beautiful. Over the years most of the geese and ducks have flown the coop, but the clock was one of the better ones and it stayed. But the trouble was that the hands and the picture behind the hands were almost the same colour, so it was hard to read from a distance.

I looked around at new clocks, and found some beautiful French style clocks, but then I had a brainwave. I pulled the clock apart (which I guess I'll be doing again in the near future) and cut a piece of scrapbook paper the right size to cover the dark blue section. I cut a straight line from 9.00 to the centre, and punched a hole over the centre. Then I slotted the whole piece under the clock hands, and voila - a fashionable clock which we can actually read.

And which is obviously attractive even to spiders.


Emily said...

Oh my!!!! I absolutely hate spiders too! And it's amazing it got *into* the clock! lol

Hill upon Hill said...

You are so clever. At least the spider is eating the mossies in the clock. Maybe there will be no mouse up the clock now.

Anonymous said...

That spider looks very much like a female "white tail" and I think that they have a very NASTY bite so try to be very careful when you get rid of her!

Fiona said...

Ooh "Anonymous" you are right - I didn't even notice the white tail! The spider is still crouching in the clock, preferring the 7-8 o'clock and the 1-2 o'clock positions for some reason. But I think it's time for her(?) to go!