Thursday, April 2, 2009

Papercutting for a party - a tutorial

My Dad turns 70 this weekend, and Mum asked me to make something saying "70" for the party, to sit on the buffet in the dining room. I took a few days to think of something the right size and materials, something not too expensive but still effective ...

Ladies and gentlemen ... I present to you ... the art of papercutting. (Sometimes known as scherenschnitte, but mine is not so finely cut ...)

2 12x12 sheets of Bazzill cardstock
white chalk pencil
kneadable eraser (or other)
1 craft knife with a fine blade
1 self-healing cutting mat
Also you need about 2 hours & good light.

1. Print out a large 7 and 0 using Word Art in Word, cut out.

2. Trace lightly onto the card. I used a chalk pencil as it writes lightly and is easy to rub out, but you could use a soft lead pencil if you had to.

3. Around the numbers draw some stylized leaf and grass shapes, add an insect or two. Make sure you create lots of "bridges" between the shapes so it can all hold together.

4. When you are happy with your design, start cutting in the centre, small shapes before large shapes. Turn the card as needed and cut towards yourself. Cut out sharp points carefully to avoid tears when punching out shapes.

5. Stop every now and then and look out at a distant object, to rest your eyes and neck. It is a wet day here.

6. When you are finished cutting, admire your finished work against the window.
Unfortunately the party is at night so I am going to mount this on another colour for strength so it can stand on an easel.

7. Place small squares of foam tape on the back of your papercut.

8. Adhere to another piece of card in a different colour (although white on white would be spectacular)

9. Admire again, this time with your work on an easel. Enjoy the light and shadows.

10. Have a few stretches and go for a walk.

11. Make sure you remember to take it to the party.


Lynda S said...

OMGoodness.....fanfabulous effort. Great tutorial too. Will be v v much appreciated.

Emily said...

It's beautiful! I have always wanted to know how to do this, so thank you for the tutorial! Have a great day!

Hill upon Hill said...

Well done.