Sunday, August 16, 2009

White and Bright

The last week has passed in a blur of plaster dust, dropcloths, primers, paintbrushes, rollers and visits to hardware stores. This old ladder has been our faithful friend.

We are giving the girls' room a makeover, and painting was the first step. We painted over the pale blue (with blue and white checker stencilled border) that I put there way back in 1995. The blue served us well, even though we ended up having two girls we had a nice blue and yellow colour scheme happening.

But lately the blue and yellow scheme turned to multicoloured as millions of soft toys arrived on the scene over the years, and the walls turned to not-so-blue and the ceiling to not-so-white. A paint job was well overdue. With Steve recently out of work the time had come.

For a week the girls slept in our room, we slept in the living room among the piles of paint equipment and soft toys, but today we moved our bed back into our own room, and tonight the
girls will sleep in a bright, white, clean, lovely room.

Over the next weeks we'll have new beds and bookcases delivered, and I'll be able to show you their finished room!

But I can show you one thing I've done - how cute is this lightshade? And only a few dollars at Hot Dollar! We are loving it.

1 comment:

Hill upon Hill said...

So so good. You are looking a touch Martha Stewartish, although I am reading the book you lent as she renovates Turkey Hill!

The lampshade is brilliant!!!!

I actually like the smell of paint, the room feels brand new with that smell. I much rather the smell of fressias though!