Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Through the Garden Gate

The last 5 weeks there has been a change in my life. Every weekday I wake up at 5.45am, creep around the dark house getting dressed and bumping into things, then I quietly open the back door and shut it behind me. With the click of the door shutting I find myself in the cold dark morning. I walk through the backyard and out this gate, then through another gate and I am on the street. A few blocks later I meet up with my two friends and we walk to a local park and do 4 laps and head back home, a total of 5km. As we walk around the park the sun rises, sometimes spectacularly. This morning, after rain last night, the mist lifted softly from the valleys and then disappeared altogether.

I am still in disbelief that I would be getting up so early, and doing so much exercise, but I know it when during the day I feel more energetic and capable. Most of all I am grateful to my friend Catherine who encouraged me to join in the "fun" of early morning walking. So I guess I'll need to change my "About Me" description from "wannabe early morning walker" to "early morning walker"!

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Hill upon Hill said...

I am impressed with 5 weeks already, it is now a firm habit.