Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sharing a bedroom - part one

Part 1: Laura's side

Well, the girls' room is almost finished and so here are the promised photos. For the last few years I tried to work out a way to fit two girls into one small room (3.5 x 4m) so that they each had some storage and a space of their own, and of course I also had to work around windows, built-in wardrobe and the door. But at last I came up with an idea that just fits.

Each sister has their bed on opposite walls, and instead of a bedhead is a bookcase which stands next to the window. In order to use the bottom shelves of the bookcase, and to make the beds more easily, ensemble beds on castors were essential. We were fortunate to find ensemble beds with drawers built into the base of the ensemble.

Laura fell in love with the quilt cover in a showroom and afterwards I found out it was discontinued and no longer available. We looked around for another quilt, but this was the favourite. So eventually I went back to the showroom and bought everything off the bed! Quilt cover, sheets and one very cute deer cushion.

We bought this bright bunting and I covered the corkboard to coordinate with the quilt cover.

The bookcase is used to store cuddly toys, books (of course) and trophies and figurines.

We clipped a reading lamp onto the bookcase for bedtime and early-morning reading.

Now we have to find some sort of window covering and buy the Ikea drawers I have my eyes on, and the room will be complete.

Stay tuned for Emily's side of the room with some handsewn goodies.

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Emily said...

So cute! It has turned out so lovely!