Thursday, September 10, 2009

Grindley Dish

I haven't participated in Vintage Thingie Thursday for so long, and I've really missed it. I've just been absolutely flat out every Wednesday and Thursday, which are usually my free days. My Jane Austen Party was just one of the things that's been going on, and I'm still blogging that bit by bit.

So today just a quick post. I picked up this little Grindley dish at an op shop for just $1.00. I love Grindley and Meakin and always look out for them, so I was happy when I found this hiding with the bric a brac, rather than in the good china section.

It's not in the greatest condition, but I love the curly green edge. It reminds me of a lettuce!

You can see from the back what a hard life it's had. Also I love when you see the paint colour on the back.

Edited to add: Disaster last night as one of my favourite Grindley dishes, a pink sandwich plate, was broken! Maybe I will find another one, one day. I went back to the op shop today (Saturday) and there was a set of this green and cream china - not a complete set, but about 8 dinner plates, a gorgeous jug, a vegetable dish with lid, all for $60.00! But I had to leave them there, as we just don't have the budget or the space at the moment - sigh. Instead I was content with 3 Meakin dessert bowls which coordinate with our dinner set that belonged to my Gran, for just $3.00.


Kimberly Cherrine-Bell said...

I just love that shade of green and so milky white...Love it.

Maggie B said...

A pretty little dish to hold odds & ends & jewellery on your dresser & what a bargain too.
Happy VTT
Maggie @ Normandy Life

Jennifer@ChesterAndDonkey said...

Very pretty ... I love the scalloped edge.

Emily said...

The dish is lovely! Love the colour!

Coloradolady said...


What a great find. I love the color, white and green, so fresh looking. Glad to see you here, as always your post makes me wish we had OP shops here....Have a great weekend and a great VTT!!

Keetha Broyles said...

That plate is absolutely lovely!

SueLovesCherries said...

I'm so glad you found it! It's lovely - the edge reminds me of a crocheted doily!