Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sharing a bedroom - Part two

I never finished showing you Emily's side of the bedroom.  Laura's side is shown here.  We have made some more progress since these photos, with some new drawers.  This is Emily's side of the room (with her old drawers).  Emily and I sewed a few things for her side of the room, and I recovered the old noticeboard.

This is the oh-so-cute pattern on her quilt and matching cushion, I love the applique.

This is the birdy cushion Emily made, it is as big as the above cushion.
She did a great job sewing and filling it!

We also made bunting in coordinating fabrics.

The little felt birdies that Emily and I made on holidays a few years ago look great near the door.

The bookcases hold lots of books ... and cute animals, like this little rat.

Now I'll have to photograph the new drawers one day ...

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Tracy said...

Beautiful! I love the appliqued pillow. :)