Saturday, October 31, 2009

Little People

Last night my niece and nephew came to stay.  It's been a long time since we had Little People in the house.  We all had lots of fun and last night the four children crowded into the girls room, the Little People on the floor on inflatable mattresses.

The girls loved being "big cousins" and helped their little cousins on the trampoline, read them stories and played with them.  It only took the Littlest Person about 5 hours to stop calling Uncle Steve "Grandad" but eventually he managed "Teve" which was pretty close.  At the table we were a "family" of 6, instead of the usual 4.

Out came all the kiddy toys again, you forget how colourful they are when they have been packed away for a while, and how the plastic corncob comes apart when you pick it up, and just how many pieces of duplo can hide under a sofa ...

... and then, we never had a little boy living here to say "toot toot, off to Thai _____ Restaurant chuggachugga la la la" 
Their visit was over all too soon and Grandma and Grandad came to collect them for tonight, then tomorrow they will be reunited with the rest of their family.

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Hill upon Hill said...

A family of 6, what's that like? The age range would be similar to ours....