Friday, October 16, 2009

Spyday Friday

 ... and Other Frugal Fun

Dealt Laura,
Hysteria hoover Yorker ardour haunting fumigate b/d a detain.
Hysteria haunting leeward someone footwork Yorker impure thatch peewee basis.
Hysteria lout Yorker.
Frogmouth Mummy

Today we organised a fun afternoon for the girls, being the last day of the holidays (not counting the weekend).  We have been trying to keep costs down these holidays, as we have no money coming in at the moment.

It was Spyday Friday!

Our Activities:
Photo Scavenger Hunt (I got this idea from Creating Keepsakes and we wrote our own) They had to photograph:

Your favourite thing
A musical instrument
An action photo
A self-portrait using timer
Something green
Something round
Something you don't like to eat
A flower
A photo of our house
Your favourite part of the house

Decode a letter
I wrote a letter (shown above) then substituted each word for a new one by looking up the word in a dictionary and instead writing the word that comes 2 entries before my word.  So Dear became DealtFrom became Frogmouth, etc.

What the letter really said was ...

Dear Laura
I hope you are having fun being a detective.
I have left something for you in the peg basket.
I love you.
From Mummy

(sounded better in code, huh?)  The "something" was a Freddo Frog and a "I'm so proud of you" pencil (from

Then we had an outdoor photo scavenger hunt where we walked to our local shops and they had to take more photos, this time

A building of public interest
A blue car
A beautiful leaf
Something red
A member of the family while they are not looking
Something tall
Something small
Something to eat
A view or landscape
The first letter of your name

While we were there we hired videos for tonight (one free for the girls, and one on a voucher for us, just $1.95).

Then we came home an had a chocolate iceblock from the freezer, and afternoon tea (raspberry swirl cupcakes - regular cupcakes with a little spoonful of jam swirled into to each little cake).  Afterwards the girls had a Treasure Hunt with lots of fun clues around the house, just tricky enough for them and their treasure turned out to be chocolate coins, found eventually in the vegetable crisper of the fridge.

Their last mission was to hide in the front yard and draw a picture of the first person who walked by.  They drew some very cute people!

So it was a fun day for all of us, Steve and I had fun designing  the missions, we all had some exercise and some treats and it only cost us $1.95!

Other (frugal and fun )activities these holidays have included:
Free saxophone concert at the Conservatorium of Music (only paid for train tickets and McDonald's shakes)
Going to the park with bike and scooter and basketball
Visiting Grandma and Grandad
Board games
Seeing the movie Up the other day, on Tuesday when the cinema prices are cheap, and we all loved it.  We bought chips and chocolates at the supermarket instead of the cinema.
Library - books, magazines, CDs and DVDs for us all - yey!

Since the weather hasn't been great until the last few days we've been happy to stay home and do not much.
Lots of trampolining for the girls, lots of reading, some internet surfing, some cooking.
All good.

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Emily said...

It sounds like so much fun! I enjoyed looking at all the photos!