Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More hail

We have had more storms this weekend, a blackout yesterday, and now today more hail.  This hailstorm went on for a while but fortunately all the hail was round 1cm hail.  When it was done the world looked strangely white for an area that never receives snow.  Lots of photos and lots of fun.  We moved the hail away from our precious new vegetable seedlings as much as we could.

... and we played with the rest.  This was straight off the trampoline.


Emily said...

Oh my! Look at that! The hail is so big!!! Wow! Have a glorious day today!

Linda said...

It seems like we have had hail for three days, but I'm not exactly sure. I haven't got warm yet today and we need to get more wood soon. One good thing is that we haven't fixed the airconditioning in the car and we are going on a trip, I don't think we will need it.